Mobiles, smartphones, tablets, netbooks…whether they’re in our pocket or our bag, we’re increasingly on the move with these high-tech devices, which keep us in touch with the rest of the world. We take them out, we put them back in, we put them on the edge of a café table, on a colleague’s desk, on the arm of a chair, on our knees whilst we enjoy a cup of tea…in other words, we make them run the gauntlet of everyday life! For this reason, we would advise everyone to protect such devices in intelligently-designed cases and covers, which, while we’re at it, may as well be aesthetically-pleasing too!

xperia t2 ultra leather case


Robust, elegant, practical and…immensely versatile covers!

The leader in protective leather covers, Noreve, based in St Tropez, France, has created cases, covers and pouches for just about every smartphone or tablet on the market (the full product range may be viewed here:! Not only are these covers hand-made in the finest leather (see the Samsung cover on this page), but customers can also choose the colour and leather finish for their device’s cover. (After all, you’ll be coming into contact with this cover several times a day, so you may as well like the feel of the leather your cover’s made from!).

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