DBV Technologies could quickly become something of a household name if they are successful in developing their revolutionary Viaskin patch further.

The patch is made using industrial machine technology including the electrospray

Source: http://www.dbv-technologies.com

This adhesive patch could in theory be developed with a view to targeting any number of different allergies. For the time being, DBV Technologies is concentrating on just a few, notably Viaskin Milk, Viaskin Peanut and Viaskin egg. One challenge for the French company is to find ways of manufacturing their product on a larger scale than is currently the case. Electrospray technology is probably the key component in how the patch is made, as it’s the means chosen to apply the all-important antigens to the patch’s backing. This special spray (see below) produces an electrically-charged stream of protein particles (the antigens) which covers the titanium backing in a very even layer. What’s more, this method helps the antigens retain their physical properties. Once actually on the skin, the heat of the patient’s body creates what is called a condensation chamber, which solubilizes the antigens. Once this has happened, it’s possible for said antigens to start passing into the skin and from there, begin the process of desensitization.